Balloon Pop Fun Learning

AR Balloon Pop App

Take aim and immerse yourself, as AR Balloon Pop fills your room with colorful, realistic balloons.

Your mission — have fun and pop the balloons with virtual arrows as you learn numbers, colors, animals, and more!

You must — have a steady hand and a sense of fun! 

You will — learn numbers, animal names, colors and more. But make sure you pay attention, follow the prompts, and pop the right balloon!

And don’t worry, this won’t be hard work! You’ll be mesmerized as this fun, educational kids game blurs the line between the real and the virtual, turning your entire room into a giant educational playground.

AR Balloon Pop is a fun and educational game for kids with 6 learning modes:
Classic: Great for early learners (and big kids too!), this mode is all about having fun and learning the ropes.

Colors: As colorful balloons fill your room, learn the names of their colors as you pop them one by one.
Shapes: Learn the names of different shapes as you pop odd shaped balloons.
Letters: Learn the alphabet from A-Z while popping balloon letters.

Numbers: You’ll need to learn to count if you want to keep a record of how many balloons you’ve popped! Start learning now as you pop the numbered balloons.

Animals: Dogs, cats, giraffes and more! Learn their names as you pop them. And remember, they are just balloons — nobody gets hurt!

Each of the AR learning modes of this educational balloon popping game also comes with a scoring system, giving educational feedback about learning progress. For every correctly identified and popped AR balloon, this learning game gives ten points. For all other popped balloons, the game will still award one point, ensuring this remains a motivational and educational augmented reality experience for all kids.

All six educational game modes are suitable for kids of all ages, with an instructive voice accompanying the educational text displayed on the bottom of the augmented reality screen. Teachers and parents alike will find this augmented reality balloon popping game is perfect for teaching children in several stages of educational development. From primary color and shape identification, right through to learning to read, this educational augmented reality game has something to offer all childhood learners.

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